The experts have spoken! The top 2022 interior design trends will be driven by a desire to reconnect with nature. After over a year spent cooped up indoors, expert designers devised a way to bring the outdoors in. Here are seven design trends that will define the rest of 2022.

1. More Green

You can brighten any room by adding more green! ⁠

Online searches for “green paint” have doubled since 2020 for a reason!⁠ The growing interest in green is rooted in holistic wellness and a desire to reconnect with nature.⁠

According to designer Karen B. Wolf, “a cleaner home means less cluttered environments, and the color green, selected by five major paint companies [as their official Color of the Year], speaks to wellness.” ⁠

2. Nature-Inspired Objects

Vogue identified nature-inspired objects as a top design trend in “Interior Design Trends to Know in 2022.”⁠

The raw beauty of nature-inspired objects mimics the calming, restorative balance of the outdoors.

3. Eco Friendly Landscaping

Opendoor recently cited eco-friendly landscaping as a top priority among homeowners in its 2022 Décor Report.⁠

Eco-friendly landscaping trends, like artificial landscaping and hardscaping, conserve resources by reducing water use.⁠

The same concept can also be applied to the interior of your home! By replacing artificial plants with living ones, you can minimize water use. ⁠

4. Soft Earth Tones

Soft earth tones are the defining interior design trend of 2022! Earthy greens and sky blues bring peace of mind into any space.⁠

Add a little natural-looking foliage to the mix and watch your living room transform into a forested grove. ⁠

5. Textures

Designers are using textures to add style and intrigue to interior spaces. And they aren’t limiting their use of texture to just rugs and furniture either! Curtains, lighting, wallpaper, and vertical gardens can help rejuvenate a room’s tired aesthetic.

6. Natural Elements

“An emphasis on natural elements and color palettes will continue to grow in 2022. Warm beiges, browns, blues and greens will provide comfort in homes with a calming presence and a look that is easy on the eyes.” -Lindye Galloway

7. Statement Ceilings

The experts at Foyr have identified statement ceilings as a top 12 design trend for 2022.⁠ Bold colors, mesmerizing patterns, and rich texture help bring excitement into any space. ⁠

Our team uses garden panels to add vibrant natural accents to workspaces and home environments. These offer a flavor of the exotic to even the most familiar setting!

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