Clover Style Artificial Living Wall


SOLD IN SETS OF 12 PANELS: 20″ x 20″ panel size (33.33 square feet per order)

Clover’s rich palette of earthy greens breathes new life into any space. This piece’s finely cut leaves reflect the delicate balance of nature, and its asymmetrical design gives it the appearance of living flora.

  • Clover is UV resistant and backed by a robust 3 year warranty
  • This design supports a healthy lifestyle and is PAHs certified
  • Our wall art is crafted to be UV resistant and won’t fade with sunlight

In stock

100% Recyclable

UV Resistant

3-Year Warranty

Flame Retardant

REACH Certified

RoHS Certified

PAHs Certified


Panel Size: 20" x 20" (33.33 square feet per order)

Density: 400 Leaves per panel

Weight: 1.3lbs per panel

Thickness: 1.8 inches

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs