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Refined taste meets raw beauty

Inspired by iconic plants from across the globe, our designs add depth, soul, and intrigue to any space.

Create Your Own Oasis

Cascade Greenery restores balance to cluttered minds. Our signature wall art creates a calming, natural ambiance — offering you feelings of vitality and relaxation!


Cascade captures the serene majesty of a mountain glen. Carefully interwoven leaves mimic nature’s delicate asymmetry, while Cascade’s palette of soothing greens provide a calming, restorative ambiance.


Paradise offers a flourishing collection of tropical plants to inspire inner stillness. Exotic, multicolored petals create a feeling of natural abundance, while vibrant greens and mellow yellows lift the mind and soothe the soul.


Clover’s rich palette of earthy greens breathes new life into any space. This piece’s finely cut leaves reflect the delicate balance of nature, and its asymmetrical design gives it the appearance of living flora.


Jade’s refined palette of gorgeous greens adds depth and character to any space. Its delicately placed petals create a profound sense of realism, while its rich textures capture the genuine appearance of real jade.


Gardenia’s lush foliage transports the mind to a tropical paradise! Delicate, white flowers gently pattern this vibrant green bouquet, while its extraordinarily rich texture captures the gardenia’s sublime beauty.

Transform your space with nature inspired designs!