When you choose an outdoor spot for your wedding or other events, you normally consider the scenery, weather, and location. If you’ve already chosen a scenic place for your outdoor event, why would you need an artificial living wall?

Stop for a moment to consider the challenges of holding an outdoor event. The biggest issue is unpredictability. Outdoor spaces change. Sometimes they change quite a bit and at a faster pace than you might think.

The only way to accommodate this change is to plan ahead and create as much predictability as possible. One solution is to control some of the background by using an artificial living wall. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of artificial living walls and some great event and wedding backdrop ideas.

An Artificial Living Wall Gives You More Flexibility

When you choose an outdoor location for an event, you often have to compromise. Your dream spot may be too far away, too expensive, or simply not available. That’s disappointing if that means the space you do choose doesn’t have the lush greenery that you wanted.

Fortunately, if you select the right living wall, you can get the background that you want, along with the flexibility to choose an outdoor venue that works for you. You simply bring the greenery with you.

Artificial Greenery Creates an Attractive Buffer

Greenery walls are certainly attractive, but they’re also functional. You can place them strategically to create buffers against unwanted sites and sounds. They also work very well to divide your event space without being too obtrusive.

Green Walls Create a Relaxed Sophisticated Atmosphere

When people spend time around natural-looking elements, they gain feelings of peace and serenity. In addition to that feeling, these living walls add the perfect sophisticated touch.

An Artificial Living Wall Is a Sustainable Solution

One of the best features of living walls is that they can be used over and over again. This reusability makes them a great alternative to single-use items that will quickly go to the landfill after just a week or two. Additionally, they can be connected to create freestanding walls that don’t interfere in any way with the surrounding environment.

When you use greenery walls, you can create the background you want.

Do you picture a lush tropical background for your themed reception or party? You could purchase or plant potentially invasive tropicals or other non-native plants. The only problem is that this is expensive and bad for the local ecosystem.

Instead, consider bringing in a Paradise Style artificial living wall. This approach is a green way to create the look of your dreams.

Event and Wedding Backdrop Ideas with Living Walls

Living walls are a versatile addition that you can use at any outdoor event or wedding. Here are just a few amazing ideas for getting the most out of living walls:

Create an Attractive Background for Photos
Imagine looking for the perfect event space. You find one with a beautiful shrub that you think would be ideal for photographs. Several weeks pass, and it’s time for your event. The only problem is that now the leaves on that shrub have turned colors and dropped to the ground. What can you do?

This inconvenience is the perfect opportunity to use an artificial greenery wall. You can place it anywhere at your event, even add a runner or other decor. Then, invite guests to use it to take keepsake photos to remember the event forever.

Provide a Conversation Oasis
The best outdoor events will provide a comfortable space for everyone. Of course, you should provide an amazing dance backdrop for party goers who want to cut loose and enjoy themselves. At the same time, you can use a living wall to create quiet, intimate areas for people who want to relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy some conversation.

Take a close look at your event space. Consider where you will have the DJ or band and dance floor. Then, plan to use living walls to create a peaceful retreat for your guests to take a break from dancing.

Hide an Ugly View
What can you do if your outdoor event is near a roadway, unkempt yard, or other unattractive space? That’s certainly not the view you want to provide your guests. Instead, you can use a beautiful Gardenia Style living wall to disguise those ugly views and ensure that your attendees always have something attractive to look at.

Block Sound to be a Considerate Neighbor
A greenery wall provides more than an attractive dining or dance backdrop. It can also provide a bit of sound buffering.

Artificial living walls can be connected to one another to create a freestanding structure in the shape you need. This setup helps to prevent conversational noise and music from traveling and disturbing others, which is perfect for backyard events, or in spaces where there may be more than one event happening at the same time.

The Perfect Greenery Walls for Your Event

If you’d like to display beautiful greenery walls for your event, we can help. Feel free to shop our inventory. You’re sure to find something that will work for you.

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