Your mind is more than just a tool for remembering things. It’s a vehicle that can transport you to exotic, far away places. The power of suggestion can take you halfway across the world, and even back in time to the memories of cherished vacations. This insight has brought attention to escapist designs — a rapidly growing trend among interior designers.

“Patterns of far-flung places provide a sense of escapism and make us feel relaxed as we are reminded of holidays.” – Johanna Bright


Escapist designs use exotic design elements to inspire thoughts of travel to distant parts of the world. They add a flavor of the exotic to our daily existence. Escapism elevates mood and frees the soul, heightening creative potential.


Throughout the pandemic, escapist designs have helped individuals battle feelings of ennui from weeks spent inside. Escapist design elements can include exotic wallpapers, souvenirs, and art, and You can even take this a step further with nature-inspired designs.

Nature Inspired Designs

Nature-inspired designs recreate the look and feel of exotic flora. By adding a touch of clover to your living room you can transport the mind to the Cliffs of Moher. Or you can create a tropical oasis in your backyard with beautiful-looking Gardenias.


Cascade Greenery offers designs inspired by iconic plants from across the globe! Our nature-inspired designs will transport you to faraway lands filled with leafy palms, budding succulents, and clover-filled pastures. These pieces add depth, soul, and visual intrigue to any space.

Transform your space into an escapist fantasy!

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