In an article published by the Scientific American, Travis Riddle describes how house plants and nature inspired design elements help restore concentration. He states, “scientists have shown that exposure to naturalistic environments, such as those with much foliage, has regenerative effects for directed attention.” 


In this context directed attention refers to the mental effort needed to complete specific tasks. It is controlled voluntarily and diminishes with use. Think of working in a spreadsheet. Undirected attention, on the other hand, is effortless and automatically oriented to interesting features of our surroundings. It is the type of free flow thinking you experience on a nature walk.

Studies in Attention Restoration Theory have found that using undirected attention allows the directed attention system to rest and rejuvenate. Kind of like how taking a short break to walk around or grab a coffee can restore your ability to concentrate. Well recent studies have shown promising evidence that incorporating nature inspired elements into your workspace might have the same effect on concentration as a long nature walk.

Having nature inspired designs nearby allows for lots of short mental breaks, where you can take a moment to focus on something interesting in your surroundings before returning to your work. This breaks up the work day and creates a relaxed environment for enhanced productivity. 

Cascade Greenery adds beautiful, serene ambiance to indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by iconic plants from across the globe, these designs add depth, soul, and visual intrigue to any space. Realistic textures and calming, natural hues perfectly mirror the look and feel of wild flora — letting you transform any space into your own oasis!


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