A restaurant is more than a place to get great food; it’s an atmosphere your future customers will appreciate. A trendy option for improving your business is adding a biophilic design to your outdoor dining area.

Plant life is a great addition to your outdoor dining area but also comes with its own problems; bugs, high maintenance, and certain smells some customers may not appreciate. Artificial green walls are a great alternative. They provide the look and feel of the perfect greenscape, and you can alter them to their specific design.

Potential Benefits and Functionalities

Here are some benefits and functionalities of artificial green walls: 

“Natural” Sound Barriers

Using artificial green walls inside the restaurant is a great idea, but the perfectly placed artificial green wall outdoors will make your dining area stand out. Fake green wall panels are attached together so you can create the shape and feel you desire.

Artificial green wall panels are a couple of inches thick to reduce noise by creating a natural sound buffer. Placing artificial green walls between tables will give each table a quiet and quaint experience, which will make their outdoor restaurant experience a memorable one that they’ll mention to all their friends.

Low Maintenance “Plants”

Artificial green walls are easier to maintain than actual floral arrangements. They are UV resistant, 100% recyclable, and flame retardant. You don’t have to worry about bugs, and you can clean them by simply spraying them down with a hose.

You don’t have to worry about customers pulling on them to take souvenirs with artificial green plants. If something does happen to one of the walls, it’s easy to replace the panel and reattach a new one.


An ambiance and a great meal are what keeps customers coming back for more. Artificial green plants add a natural, modern look to your outside dining area. The flexibility gives you the ability to design your space exactly the way you envisioned, and it provides the perfect atmosphere for casual or business customers.

Don’t consider artificial green walls a stand-alone feature (although they work perfectly in that capacity). You can add a string of fairy lights or mix several panels of different products to create a unique look for your business.

Psychological and Physical Enhancement

Plants help people relax. They offer a unique atmosphere, and that same aspect of nature inspires artificial green walls.

However, some are affected negatively by nature and try to avoid it, which is, of course, not a problem with artificial green walls. Those suffering from hay fever and other plant-type maladies are not affected by artificial plants, so they can dine in peace and receive the same comfort and relaxation as other guests.

Advantages of Artificial Green Walls

Artificial green walls are designed to look like their real versions but without the hassles. Artificial walls have several other advantages over natural plants, such as:

  • Cost-efficient in the short and long run
  • Less space requirements (since you don’t have to worry about soil)
  • Not affected by temperature changes or seasons
  • Can be manipulated once to create the perfect design

Artificial green walls are long-lasting, easy to replace if needed, and can be redesigned to create a different atmosphere when necessary.

They Fit Everywhere

Although they are called artificial walls, they can also be used on ceilings, in nooks, or hanging by themselves. The panels are 20 inches by 20 inches and only weigh 1.5 pounds, so they can be placed wherever your artistic side takes them.

They Provide Outside Advantage

Not only do plants establish an ambiance, but they can also help your staff. Employees react well toward plants, and studies have shown that plants increase productivity.

Your outdoor restaurant space is a good place for this added benefit. Wait staff get the pleasure of seeing the plant life through the outside dining area, and at the same time, they know they don’t have to take care of the plants. If you have an outside barbecue or catering service, it will also help the cooks and bartenders.

Artificial walls are not limited to your dining space at your restaurant. If you do offer catering services, then you can create smaller walls and take them with you. They will help make that ambiance and atmosphere you are known for wherever you go. The only limit is your imagination.

Wedding planners, event coordinators, and exterior decorators can also take advantage of the versatile use of artificial green walls. They can be mounted between trees, outline an event, or provide extra ambiance during the picture-taking time.

They Can Divide Space

Artificial green walls also work as an outdoor separator between tables, sections, or as a path. The structural design of these artificial walls allows you to create temporary spaces between sections.

They can be wheeled out for specific occasions, or you can have fun with them and create a hedge-type maze from one section to the next (which may work better at a catering event than your restaurant, depending on your outdoor spacing).

Finding the Best Artificial Green Walls

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