The sad truth is that many people live and work in places where they have very little exposure to nature. They see roads, buildings, factories, and interior walls more often than we see gardens, waterways, or forests. Often, when they are exposed to nature, it’s fleeting.

All of this can have a negative impact on your mental state and well-being. While it would be wonderful if everyone could walk in the park each day, grow a garden, or otherwise immerse themselves in nature, that’s just not feasible for everybody.

One way to solve this problem is to incorporate an artificial living wall into your environment. This approach can have a similar positive impact on your mood and outlook as spending time outdoors. Let’s look at just a few of the mental health benefits of having an artificial living wall in the workplace or at home:

Placing an Artificial Living Wall Indoors Can Help You Relax

It’s been proven that adding some natural elements to your home or office can help you to relax. Even better, people who are recovering from illness, injuries, or surgeries report that they feel more at ease when they have greenery in their homes, such as an artificial living wall.

This discovery has motivated many hospitals and health clinics to add these features. Additionally, wall color affects mood, and that’s not limited to paint. Because green is a low-saturation color, it is associated with a calm, serene feeling.

Wall color affects mood to such an extent that there are interior designers who will select hues based on the emotions their clients wish to create within each space. You can use these techniques to create calming, green areas in a home or business.

An Artificial Living Wall Can Improve Focus and Productivity

For many people, sitting at work all day long becomes a real grind. They stare at the same walls without much change. This boredom can lead to poor moods, distractibility, and low productivity.

These issues can be remedied for many people by simply adding in a bit of nature. There is evidence that even getting small exposures to natural elements throughout the day can truly help people stay focused and more productive.

Simply placing a jade style artificial living wall indoors in a public area can help employees stay positive and on task. It’s not hard to see how this might help in a school environment as well.

Artificial Living Walls Can Put People at Psychological Ease

When people feel safe, and at ease, they feel more comfortable talking and sharing. This openness leads to more creativity, innovative problem solving, and better communication. You can foster this feeling by adding artificial greenery walls to your home, office, school, or other indoor spaces.

Many mental health professionals choose to incorporate these elements in their office decor. The impact may be subtle, but this absolutely can help patients feel emotionally at ease in the treatment environment.

Why Use Artificial Living Walls for Better Wellbeing?

If natural elements are so important to mental and physical health, why choose artificial plant walls? Wouldn’t it be better to just use live plants and shrubs?

To be clear, there are definite benefits to living plants. However, there are some important reasons that you might be better off with an artificial greenery wall.

Artificial living walls are hypoallergenic
Artificial greenery walls don’t require complex maintenance
Artificial living walls for homes and offices don’t attract pests
Artificial greenery walls remain healthy in all weather and light conditions

Finally, keep in mind that you can always incorporate both living plants and other organic elements with your artificial plant walls.

How and Where to Incorporate Artificial Living Walls

All evidence shows that adding plants and greenery can improve mood and productivity. It can also create a safe, relaxing environment. If you aren’t sure where you want to place your wall, here are a few suggestions:


  • Create a Welcoming Entryway
  • Add a beautiful clover style greenery wall to your entryway or waiting area.
    This approach will put people at ease and help them to feel relaxed and welcome.


  • Help Students Focus with a Green Wall
    It’s important to create a classroom space where students feel energized, stimulated, and engaged. That’s why teachers work so hard to add colorful posters, wall-hangings, and artwork to their classrooms. At the same time, the classroom must also be a place where students can settle in and focus. To help with this, teachers can balance the bright, colorful elements in the classroom with a calming green wall.


  • Help Employees Unwind with a Greener Breakroom
    Imagine the boost in morale and productivity if workers could spend time each day in a greener space. You can make that happen by simply adding a green wall to your lunch or breakroom. Your employees can enjoy their breaks or lunches and gain some of the benefits of a living wall.


  • Make a Relaxing Bedroom Retreat
    If you’re redecorating your bedroom, now is the perfect time to turn it into a peaceful oasis. Look for relaxing colors, choose comfortable bedding, and add a living wall. It will add an attractive focal point and reduce your stress.


  • Add a Health Boosting Living Wall
    Adding a living wall to your home or office is easier than you think. Shop our products to find the perfect greenery wall.


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