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Artificial green wall panels bring the beauty of nature into your home or business without the time and upkeep required to grow real plants. 

With these vibrant panels, you can seamlessly create gorgeous accent walls for your living space or effortlessly incorporate an attention-grabbing feature for a commercial project with no maintenance required.

If you’ve heard of these panels before and are thinking about working them into your home or business interior design, you may have some questions. Read on to discover all you need to know about the game-changing wall panels that are shaking up the décor industry. 

What Are Green Wall Panels? 

Green wall panels are interlocking fake plants specially assembled to look nearly indiscernible from a natural sprawling vertical garden. They create a lifelike wall of greenery when pieced together in small sections; these small panels make it easy to customize the size and shape of your wall, tailoring it to fit your space perfectly. 

Types of Green Wall Panels

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, green wall panel materials are flame retardant, UV resistant, and 100% recyclable. They offer a diverse selection of panels to choose from to help you get the exact aesthetic you want. Some of the options include:

Artificial Ivy Panels

Like the older mansions with the sprawling ivy climbing the sides, plastic ivy panels lend a touch of elegance to your space.

Create an elegant indoor dining area that mimics the atmosphere of eating al fresco. Or use the panels outside to spruce up your siding or fencing. Outdoor ivy panels offer a quick solution to building a privacy wall without the hassles and time investment that come with the real thing. 

Gardenia Panels

Gardenia panels transform any space into a forest grove. Complete with varying green tones and tiny flowers, gardenia panel walls make any room feel like a fairytale setting. 

Paradise Panels

Are you looking for something more tropical? Paradise panels consist of a mixture of multi-colored leaves and petals, identical to the flora and fauna you’d expect to see on a tropical vacation. 

Cascade Panels

Cascade panels overflow with lush leaves and branches that tie in seamlessly with other green wall panels or even real foliage. Combine these panels with natural accents like flowering plants and salvaged wood to give your home or office a modern facelift.

How to Incorporate Green Wall Panels into Your Décor

Green wall panels elevate any design idea, lending a natural feel anywhere you use them. Here are just some of the ways you can use these stunning panels can around your home or business: 

Hide Infrastructure and Machinery

Unfortunately, the biggest eyesores around your home are the things you can’t just get rid of. These include items such as meters, piping, fuse boxes, and HVAC components. But with green wall panels, suddenly, all of your home’s ugliest elements become canvases for something beautiful. 

Spruce Up Boring Fencing

Whether you’re looking to disguise an old, worn fence or using it as the big blank slate, green wall panels are ideal for fencing. These panels look sharp both in residential neighborhoods and around a business downtown, bringing some color and life to the concrete jungle. 

Divide Up Your Space

Instead of room dividers in homes or businesses, green walls can break large spaces into smaller ones while adding vibrancy and color. 

Make a Feature Wall

Feature walls are perfect for special occasions and events. Use them as an elegant backdrop for memorable wedding photos or add an exotic touch to exhibition spaces and showrooms. 

Create a Stylish Natural Gallery Wall

Who said only art goes in frames? Trim individual green wall panels to size and place a decorative frame over them to create a truly unique aesthetic in your home. Frame several panels and stagger them on your walls for a beautiful fusion of nature and modern art deco your friends and guests won’t be able to stop talking about. 

The Benefits of Fake Green Wall Panels

Green wall panels look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, so you may be wondering, why choose these over actual plants? Artificial green panels boast several benefits that natural plants can’t offer. 

Lower Cost

Artificial green panels cost considerably less upfront than building a vertical living garden. With these lifelike fakes, they’re already the perfect size and shape, unlike real plants that require UV light to thrive indoors. Real plants also need water, which tends to drip down your walls and onto your floors. 


While real plants require light, water, and the occasional trim, artificial green wall panels require nothing at all. Just hang them up and admire them. They won’t grow and change shapes, and you never have to worry about watering them. It doesn’t get any more low maintenance than that. 

Suitable for Any Environment

With green wall panels, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the plants can survive in your region’s climate. There are no limitations when it comes to seasons, temperature, or sunny spots versus shady ones. Your wall panels remain blissfully unaffected by the world around them, anywhere you choose to place them.

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