Finding ways to express yourself creatively in life is important. One of the best ways to realize your artistic preferences through design is by integrating them into home decor standards.

Home decor is an amazing form of self-expression that allows you to create a space in which you feel balanced and peaceful. The right design can also lend itself to a space that’s comfortable and inspired.

As beneficial as home decor can be for the residents within the walls, it can also say a lot to guests. Your interior design can give others a window into your values, taste, and style.

A wonderful way to enhance overall home decor standards is to focus on bringing the beauty of the outdoors right inside. When you include greenery, plants, flowers, and even shrubbery in an interior space, you add texture and color in a unique way. It also allows for a seamless transition between natural beauty and artificial design aesthetics.

When you’re looking for a way to create a space that highlights natural elements without the hassle, an artificial living wall is the best way to go. There’s no watering required, but you’ll enjoy the aesthetic benefits that are hard to top!

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Casacade Greenery Installation Jade Cascade

What Exactly Is An Artificial Living Wall?

An artificial living wall takes the concept of a lush garden and brings it indoors. Then, that traditionally horizontal garden flips from a horizontal plane to a standing platform. These vertical gardens also swap out living greenery for faux counterparts instead.

An artificial plant wall looks very much like an authentic vertical garden. The final results of a synthetic greenery wall are extremely lifelike. However, an artificial living wall is ultimately made up of interlocking panels hosting a collection of artificial shrubbery, faux greenery, and fake plants. Each panel holds several high-quality plant products to create a fake plant wall that’s hard to differentiate from the living variety.

Artificial living walls look fantastic and are decidedly low-maintenance additions to home decor. They’re also easy to mount on the wall. Typically, each section is added individually to the wall with the help of nail plugs, cable ties, or screws.

What Is An Artificial Living Wall Made Of?

Interior design standards should always be customized, and incorporating an artificial living wall into space is no exception to that rule. There are various materials used to make an artificial living wall ranging from plastic and paper to silk or even metals!

The highest quality artificial living walls are crafted using synthetic materials that are UV-resistant. That reduces fading over time and keeps the surface looking authentic and fresh.

The backing on artificial living walls is sturdy and easy to attach to vertical surfaces. In many cases, each panel uses a frame fabricated from either steel or plastic.

Where Can Artificial Living Walls Be Used?

Because artificial living walls are designed to reflect natural beauty, they can be a great addition to just about any interior space! While they work well in homes, they are just as eye-catching when added to walls in restaurants, event venues, or wedding spaces that might otherwise look sparse.

Many retail stores utilize artificial greenery walls as interior design elements in shopping spaces. Similarly, interior decorators can buy these panels in bulk to add unique patterns and placements to home projects.

Types Of Greenery Showcased Within An Artificial Living Wall

When it comes to putting together an artificial living wall, the options are seemingly endless, which is half the fun! A cascade of dense, overflowing leaves can create a lush garden effect right inside. Those aiming for a more modern look often turn to clover.

A wall of artificial Gardenia paired with white flowers is refreshingly natural. Those creating a space of tranquility may want to consider packing their living wall with faux Jade instead. If it’s a tropical paradise, you’re aiming to create a collection of multi-colored leaves in varying sizes and shapes that bring an inspired ambiance to your life.

The Many Advantages Of An Artificial Living Wall vs. Real Plants

Choosing between real and artificial plants within decor is a decision many people ponder for quite some time. When contemplating adding a living wall, you should consider some advantages to opting for artificial plants.

Artificial plants used to create a living wall require almost zero maintenance. They also don’t involve any ongoing costs to keep them looking great year-round.

An artificial living wall eliminates the need for using any fertilizers or pesticides. This type of wall never has to be watered and is far less expensive to install than a wall made with living plants.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner who loves the look of a living wall but suffers from allergies, artificial plants eliminate the problem. An artificial living wall doesn’t require any sunlight to thrive and, above all, comes without the risk of drying out or dying.

That means that even if you’re not a natural green thumb, you can still have a living wall that looks like you’re a pro! An artificial living wall will bring a lot of beauty into your space and allows you to indulge in the beauty of nature hassle-free.

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