Middle Ages Modern

2023’s most whimsical new design trend is making a huge splash!


Middle Ages Modern dazzles the eye and delights the spirit with its raw escapism. This fantastical new look uses metalwork, dark wood, jewel tones, stone fixtures, immersive tapestries, and shadowplay to capture the wonders of the High Middle Ages. It blends artisanal aesthetics with mid-century modern to transform your home into a castle fit for a king! 

Turn your living room into an ancient forest with artificial greenery! Artificial wall plants add to the fantastical elements of Middle Ages Modern, while softening its more masculine elements. 

The raw grittiness of candelabras, stained wood, and stone carvings can be intimidating. But you can easily restore balance using the calming, natural ambiance of nature-inspired designs. By framing your bookshelf with a strip of Clover
 or hanging Cascade over the mantle, you can gracefully blend the calming pastoral elements of Cottagecore with Middle Ages Modern.

Eclectic Kitchens

Today’s trendy kitchen features an eclectic mix of artsy tools, utensils, and accents. It wouldn’t be unusual to see a powder blue ceramic cow mixed with neon signage and food themed serve-ware. 


But here’s the problem with eclectic kitchens: your carefully curated chaos can quickly turn into actual chaos!

You can easily add balance to your exciting mix of styles with some earthy greens. Nature-inspired designs create a soothing, natural ambiance, which restores balance to cluttered spaces.

Modern Farmhouse

We have good news for all you country chic people. Modern Farmhouse isn’t going anywhere! 


As Modern Farmhouse continues to grow in popularity, it’s broadening its horizons to include creative new takes on this popular style! Cement floors, exposed wood beams, and minimalist furniture are all staples of Modern Farmhouse, but now we’re also seeing designers add colorful new twists, like exotic travel art and kitschy antiques.


As trendsetters boldly recreate this 21st century classic, they need to be careful not to lose touch with Modern Farmhouse’s rustic roots. Nature-inspired designs help simulate the look and feel of a pastoral setting, without the headache associated with living plants. 


Greener pastures are only a click away! Jade’s rich palette of gorgeous greens establishes a definitively rustic look when used to offset Farmhouse Modern’s more industrial elements. 


Not including nature-inspired elements risks turning your country abode into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Because let’s face it, exposed beams and cement floors take off a very different connotation when your design isn’t balanced by softer elements.

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