Do you want to increase productivity without investing in expensive new software? You’re in luck! This simple and relatively inexpensive tool is scientifically proven to reduce burn out and increase productivity.

When we think about what motivates workers, business leaders often focus on things like technology and process while ignoring environmental influences.  Visual elements like decor and lighting can have a huge impact on productivity.

A 2010 study by the Sydney University of Technology found that introducing faux plants to an office environment reduced fatigue among 38 percent of workers. That same study also saw a 44 percent decrease in anger among employees and a 58 percent decrease in depression.

The emotional benefits of artificial greenery are well known. Faux plants are adored by homeowners across the country for their energizing, mood boosting properties. By adding artificial greenery to an office, you can bring the comfort and contentment of a home environment into the workplace.

100% Recyclable

UV Resistant

3-Year Warranty

Flame Retardant

REACH Certified

RoHS Certified

PAHs Certified


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